Another Gary Con has come and gone and what a grand con it was!  One of the few things missing was the “What’s New with Goodman Games?” seminar.  Yes, for the first time in over 5 years, we got no seminar.  This means that this is also the first time in 5 years that Spellburn has been unable to share that recording with those who were unable to join us in Lake Geneva!   So in its stead, we have gathered to share some of our standout moments of the week as well as some of the things coming along down the pipeline from both the official and the third party publishing quarters!

Adventures mentioned in this episode:
Shadow Under Devil’s Reef
Neon Knights
Tower of Faces (Sanjulian cover!)
Hive of the Overmind
Warlords of ATOZ

Links mentioned in this episode:
Crawl-Thulhu #1
Red Dragon Inn
Delta Green
Top Secret the RPG
DCC Lankhmar
Dark Heresey
Umerican Survival Guide (Crawling Under a Broken Moon, 2nd edition!) 🙂
Hobbs & Nemesis “The Bathroom Interviews” – Not Safe For Work
Darlene (classic RPG artist!)
Tomb of Horrors

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