Like many listening, I first encountered the mysterious world of Aéreth in the pages of the DCC RPG Core Book. Many others listening will remember the world of Aéreth from back in the days when Dungeon Crawl Classics wasn’t the name of a roleplaying game but was instead the name of a line of adventure modules written for the world’s first fantasy roleplaying game.

Today we are lucky enough to have the man who quite literally wrote the book on the topic of Aéreth back in those days of yore. He’s here to talk to us about the system’s default setting and how it has changed since DCC RPG was launched.

Adventures mentioned in this episode:

One Who Watches from Below

Doom of the Savage Kings

Hive of the Overmind

Incursion of the Ultradimension

The Portsmouth Mermaid

Dragora’s Dungeon

Sailors on the Starless Sea

The Emerald Enchanter

Links mentioned in this episode:

Book of Treasure Maps

Gazetteer of the Known Realms

Curator of Earth (MCC Character Genreation on Twitter!)

Interactive Aereth Map on Goodman Games site

James Mishler maps

James Mishler blog


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