This week on Spellburn, we’re celebrating the resurrection of D.A.M.N., the DCC RPG Adventure Magazine and News ‘zine.  We’ve brought special guest Paul Wolfe on to talk about spearheading this revival as well as his prolific third-party projects.  We’re also really excited for Gary Con, which is just around the corner, so stay tuned for details on where you can find each of us.  And — if that’s not hard-core enough for you — we’re also welcoming a new permanent co-host to the show, Brooklyn’s own Appendix N and DCC acolyte, Judge Jeff Goad!

Links mentioned in this episode:
D.A.M.N. Magazine
Hobbs & Friends of the OSR Podcast
DCC Free Resources Sheet
Listing of All DCC RPG Modules
Angels, Daemons and Beings In Between
Gary Con
Con of the North

Adventures mentioned in this episode:
The Wizardarium of Calabraxis
Sepulcher of the Mountain God
The God-Seed Awakens
In the Prison of the Squid Sorcerer (including Mermaids of Yuggoth)
The Tribe of Ogg and the Gift of Suss
Steading of the Nergalites (Link in blogpost)
The Bog God’s Champion

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