This week on Spellburn we’re very pleased to have with us… Judge Reid San Filippo, creator of the Crawling Under A Broken Moon magazine and now the successful launcher of “The Umerican Survival Guide” Kickstarter!  We’re going to talk to Reid about the History of Broken Moon and about his new project as well as round up Gary Con events!  All this and more on this episode of Spellburn!

Links mentioned in this episode:
Umerican Survival Guide Kickstarter
Crawling Under A Broken Moon Products
DCC RPG Lankhmar Kickstarter
SUPERS! Revised Edition
Art of Doug Kovacs
Mutant Crawl Classics RPG Kickstarter (closed)

Adventures mentioned in this episode:
The Madhouse Meet (in the Free RPG Day 2016 release)
Caverns of Thracia (Judges Guild reprint)
Tegel Manor (Judges Guild Reprint)
Book of Treasure Maps (including Tomb of Aethering the Damned)

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