This week on Spellburn, we’ll dive into a hot topic:  How to win over the uninitiated to the game of Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG!  We’ve all been there before– trying to sell DCC to oldschool grognards, or devotees of newschool games.   We’ll discuss how to prepare a game for newbies, whether at a convention or a FLGS.  And we’ll talk about resources to find new players, as well as the differences between DCC and other systems and how to handle some common questions or perceptions.  And if that’s not enough, we welcome a new judge to the fold!  All this on Spellburn!

Links mentioned in this episode:
Mutant Crawl Classics
The Dying Earth
Walking Dead: All Out War
Nowhere City Nights
Classic Traveller
Petal Hack
Hobbs & Friends of the OSR Podcast

Adventures mentioned in this episode:
The Chained Coffin Box Set (containing both Sour Spring Hollow & Rat King’s River of Death)
Glipkerio’s Gambit
The One Who Watches from Below

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