“Hello DCC Days! For those listening on your podcatchers, this was a very special LIVE episode where we are answering emails in addition to any questions folks wanna ask us on Twitch!”

Stuff referenced in this episode!

Spellburn Live @ DCC Days – Twitch

DCC Days – June 11-14, 2020

Blades Against Bandwidth

Empire of the East for DCC

Creep, Skrag, Creep!

The One Who Watches from Below

The Queen of Elfland’s Son

The Rats of Ilthmar

The Tower Out of Time

DCC Dying Earth

City State of the Invincible Overlord (Original)

Mothership RPG

OSE (Old School Essentials)

3TRPG Podcast (Harrison Hunt, Foreign Beggars, et al)


The Bleak Shore

Neon Knights

Intrigue at the Court of Chaos