What has the COVID wrought on the gaming community?  One silver lining in all the con cancellations and lack of gamer funk as well as physical hugs is that we have had the opportunity to meet lots of new friends via Zoom, Roll20, Hangouts and more!   This extends far beyond the continental US across the oceans and even to Europe!  Svebor Midzic joins us as our third international guest to talk virtual gaming, DCC, Dying Earth and just whatever the hell he wants to talk about!

Stuff referenced in this episode!

DCC Days – June 11-14, 2020

Blades Against Bandwidth

Empire of the East for DCC

Creep, Skrag, Creep!

Home for the Holideath

Dungeon Games (Fort Myers)

Tower Games (Minneapolis)

The Source Comics and Games (St. Paul)


Veins of the Earth

Mothership RPG

M.P. Shiel


Curse of Strahd

Leni Reifenstahl

Ralph Bakshi’s Lord of the Rings



DCC Lankhmar

Gord the Rogue (Gary Gygax)

Journey to the Center of Aereth