Happy late Turkey Day!  There’s no Goodman Games holiday adventure this year but there are many holiday adventures of the past  to choose from!  We review and discuss prior holiday romps with none other than Marzio “the Man” Muscedere and Marc “the Efficacious Indoctrinator in Worlds of Imminent – I mean, the Don of the Dying Earth of course!” – Bruner!  All this and more and wrapping up U-Con. U-CON!?!?  U-CON!!!  Stay tuned for Spellburn!!!


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Vampire Blood

Weird Heroes of Public Access RPG! (by Joey Royale)

The Doom that Came to Christmas Town


House of Red Doors

Frozen In TIme

Perils of Cinder Claws

Twilight of the Solstice

The Old Gods Return

Fae Hard

World Quest of the Winter Calendar

Brimstone Cradle