DCC’s been a gold standard of oldschool gaming for 10 years! There’s a ton of great content out there, from Goodman Games, from 3rd party publishers, free internet resources like Purple Sorcerer, and even (GUGHGHGBLLEAH) social media.  But what about people who make it happen behind the scenes?  Every adventure is full of good writing and art, but needs an editor and (really, really) needs a playtester or 20!  Tonight we talk to some of our favorites (and Judge Jen!)  Plus other gossip and malingering and a visit to the Email crypt!  All this and more on this month’s Spellburn!

Links from this episode:

Playtest for DCC & MCC!!

The Great Visp Hunt (DCC Dying Earth adventure)

DCC for Free RPG Day: Piercing the Demon’s Eye

DCC Day is July 23rd, 2023!

Tales of the Smoking Wyrm

Tales of the Smoking Wyrm 7 & 8 Kickstarter