Tonight we continue our review of seminal DCC adventures from the days of yore… another funnel and instant classic, Hole in the Sky!  We’re going to talk to Judge Brendan about Hole in the Sky, Sabbath vs. Dio, read a few emails and do the usual Spellburn stuff.  Plus a new Dungeon Denizen!  All this on tonight’s Spellburn!

Stuff referenced in this episode!

Hole in the Sky

X-Crawl Classics!

Blades Against Bandwidth

Hammerheart Brewing, Lino Lakes MN

DCC Dying Earth (Kickstarter)

Dungeon Denizens, featuring the Ice Ape!

City of the Damned Campaign

GENCON Program Guide 2015 (w/ Hole In the Sky fiction)

Confederacy of Dunces

Accursed Heart of the World Ender

Full Dark No Stars (Episode 104)