And today we have a special guest here to help us answer YOUR emails! You may know her from Blades Against Bandwidth, DCC College, or that time she killed all four of your level 0 characters at Gen Con… Judge Haley Skach!

Stuff referenced in this episode!

Tabletop RPG Pickup Con

Shudder Mountains (for DCC RPG!)

Yoon Suin by Noisms Games

The Emerald Enchanter

2017 Free RPG Day For DCC featuring Gnole House

Against the Atomic Overlords

Journey to the Center of the Aereth

The One Who Watches from Below

Dieter’s DCC RPG Playlist on Spotify

DCC G+ Playlist + Spotify (over 24 hours.. 2500+ songs!)

Judge Jeff’s DCC Spotify Playlist

Monsterhearts RPG

Mike Wilson – artist in DCC RPG core book

DCC RPG Core book – German Edition

Vicki Lalonde on Appendix N Episode 80 – EGB and the Stone Age

New Year’s Evil

Crawling Under a Broken Moon #5 (Featuring the Aetherian Hero inspired by He-Man?)