The DCC Annual was released (on .pdf) to kickstart backers earlier this year and we are concluding our review of the Annual and its numerous fun features!

Adventures mentioned in this episode:

The Peasant’s Fell Bargain

Jewels of the Carnifex

Intrigue at the Court of Chaos

Journey to the Center of the Aereth

Beyond the Black Gate

Tower Out of Time

Links mentioned in this episode:

Carmine Infantino’s text box hand

Origins 2019 DCC RPG Tournament

Sedlec Ossuary (“Bone-church”) Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

Judge Jobe

Whitesnake (and Tawny Kitaen)

The Evil One

Judge Jeff’s d1200 Spell Table!

Random Screed by Hobbs

Back cover of White Plume Mountain

Mutant Crawl Classics RPG

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