For generations, it has been whispered of in the back-alleys of Punjar… for untold aeons, a secret on the lips of Sezrekan, shared only with the most devoted of his servants…  its power unlocking hidden ways of the Gods, new pacts with mind-bending Patrons, precious artifacts of startling puissance and, perhaps most sanity-stretching of all .. the hirsute glory of THE MUSTACHE…  yes.. From the dark, hideous forges of Northern California, the Dark Master has unleashed a tide of chaos that could only be that legendary work, so long a rumor…. but always FEARED to be real… THE DCC RPG ANNUAL!

Adventures mentioned in this episode:

Secrets of the World Harvesters

Dragora’s Dungeon

Riders on the Phlogiston (2018 DCC Tournament)

Children of the Fallen Sun (MCC RPG)

Links mentioned in this episode:

Weird Realms (FLGS in Cleveland)

DCC RPG Annual

DCC Lankhmar

Mothership RPG

Star Crawl

Unearthed Arcana

Lost Continent of Mu

New Glitter Wizard Album- Opera Villains

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