In this episode, we are spellburning everything as we reach through the Ethos to another continent and traverse multiple lines of latitude and longitude to summon one of the very first fans of DCC RPG South of the equator. You’ve heard tonight’s special guest’s name so often, it should be no surprise that we’re talking about our very own multilingual writer and artist from Brazil: Judge Diogo Nogueira!

In case any of our listeners plan on traveling to lovely Rio this year, we’ll tell you what to expect on the gaming scene, and preview some local specialty cuisine, like Rat Salad…

(This episode’s banner art by Judge Diogo!)

Adventures mentioned in this episode:

Hive of the Overmind

Sailors on the Starless Sea

Salada de Ratos (“Rat Salad”)

Links mentioned in this episode:

DCC Lankhmar!

Dungeon Synth

Umerican Survival Guide (Delve Cover)

Diogo’s blog

Barbarian Class

Character Sheets

Portuguese edition of DCC RPG!

Crawling Under a Broken Moon (with Digo illos and content!)

Sharp Swords and Sinister Spells

Caveira Velha (Brazilian Zine!)

Diogo’s children’s book!

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