This week on Spellburn, we’re waiting for GENCON!   DCC RPG is going to have its biggest presence ever at the world’s biggest gaming convention.  How did we get here?   Jon Hershberger has been involved in oldschool gaming for decades, and running the same campaign for much of that time!   But you may know him as a friendly face behind the dealer’s room booth, the writer-editor of the DCC RPG Index, or one of the people who is making the Gongfarmer’s Almanac happen for the third year in a row!  We’ll talk to Jon about GENCON, the Almanac and much more!

Links mentioned in this episode:
2015 Gongfarmer’s Almanac
2016 Gongfarmers Almanac
DCC RPG Adventure Index #1
DCC RPG Master Zine Index
Metamorphosis Alpha Adventure and Resource Supplement Index
Crypts and Things Remastered
Rogue Trader
WhiteBox Gothic
Black Pudding Zine

Adventures mentioned in this episode:
Well of the Worm
Journey to the Center of Aereth
Caverns of Thracia
Expedition to Barrier Peaks
Secrets of the Smuggler’s Cove
Blackguard’s Revenge
Iron Crypt of the Heretics
Mines of Custalcon

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