If you listened to this week’s episode of Spellburn then you already learned that Joseph Goodman’s nickname is “The Dark Master”. Alas, poor Harley Stroh, Goodman Games’ most prolific writer, lamented on air that he has no pet name. He has thrown himself upon the mercy of our listeners to give him one. So we’re running a contest to “Name That Stroh!”

Here’s how to enter:

1.) Post a comment on this page with a spiffy new moniker for Harley between 7/31/2013 and 8/6/2013. Make sure to post with your own name or handle. If you need some inspiration, we posted the friendliest picture we could find of Harley above.

2.) The triumvirate of Spellburn judges will whittle the entries down to the top 5 finalists.

3.) The winner will be determined DCC-style – with a Zocchi die roll – live on episode 8 of Spellburn.

Winning Entry

The winner gets bragging rights and more. Harley will wear a shirt at Gencon 2013 emblazoned with the new sobriquet, and will quite possibly never live down the appellation.

Good Luck!