So we were on hiatus for about a year… or a little more and a lot has happened between our last non-Twitch episode and our triumphant return in the holiday special!  One thing I was most excited about was to talk about third party DCC & MCC stuff with some of the greatest creators in the field.  So tonight I’m trying to make up for lost time with longtime MCC/DCC guys + podcast alums Forrest Aguirre & Jarredd Crader…  plus some of the wackiest and most wonderful third party guys out there, Dan Steeby and David Coppolettti.  Plus… a real zombie will read some old un-dead emails from the prior era of Spellburn!


Links for this episode:

Beyond the Silver Scream

Bronx Beasts

Island of Lost Souls (for Bronx Beasts)

DCC Class Alphabet

Moon Mutants

Trespassers of the Full Moon Tower

Druna, Silver Goddess of the Moon (Patron)