We’re approaching DCC# 100 and we’re also approaching Spellburn 100! What better way to celebrate an anniversary than to reflect on some great stuff of the past 8 years!  I want to do a series of episodes on classic (and maybe even new and unsung!) adventures and there’s obviously no better place to start than Sailors on the Starless Sea!  We’ll find out if it was the first or second funnel with the world’s foremost authority on Sailors and on many more DCC adventures!

Stuff referenced in this episode!

Egg of the Phoenix module (TSR)

Purple Sorcerer Tools


Blades Against Bandwidth

Founders and Legends

DCC Dying Earth

Seven Pits of Sezrekan (Tournament)

Doom of the Savage Kings

Sailors on the Starless Sea (all versions)

Tegel Manor

The 1980s D&D Cartoon

Doom of the Savage Kings

DCC #28 Into the Wilds

Well of the Worm

Metal Hurlant Magazine

Return to the Starless Sea