The Dark Master (and minions) update us on:  The Dying Earth!  Dungeon Crawl Classics #100!  DCC Art!  The Hobonomicon!  X-Crawl!  The new Judges’ Guild Compilation!  Tales from the Magician’s Skull (Sanjulian cover!)  The Cthulhu Alphabet!   The Star Wound of Abbadon (DCC #99)!  Fred Saberhagen’s Empire of the East!  Expedition to Barrier Peaks!  Lankhmar covers and printer proofs! DCC 5th Printing covers (including the EGYPTIAN LICH)!  New Zine (WE ARE THE ROAD CREW!)  Shudder Mountains and DCC Annual!   And a Jeff Easley original and a tribute to the DCC Community!  All this and more on this special What’s New with Goodman Games, brought to you by Spellburn!

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