This week on Spellburn we discuss some of the many third-party classes available for DCC RPG. When you deviate from the core book, you can find all manner of strange, exciting, and bizarre classes. Some of them emulate classes from the various editions of the world’s most popular fantasy roleplaying game, others are templates for futuristic or modern day settings, and some are just plain gonzo. We’ll be discussing this and more in our 51st episode of Spellburn!

Links mentioned in this episode:
Judge Jeff’s DCC Spotify Playlist
Paladin Class (Crawl #6)
Clownight (Crawling Under A Broken Moon #12)
Calavera (Dark Trails G+ community)
Marauder (Tales from the Fallen Empire)
Faerie Animal (Creeping Beauties of the Wood)
Ratfolk (Dungeon Lord – The Wayne Con Issue)
Blood Witch (Hubris: A World of Visceral Adventure)
Yolovar (Crawljammer #6)
Chakas (Goblin Mini Mart blog)
Purple Sorcerer Online Game Aids
DCC Reference Booklet
Assassin Class (Gongfarmers’ Almanac 2015)
Nowhere City Nights
DCC Lankhmar Kickstarter
Noah Stevens’s Great DCC 3P Class List

Adventures mentioned in this episode:
Tower of the Black Pearl
Frozen in Time
Boston Crawl

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